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Garden of Prayer  -  $1,375.00
Garden of Love  -  $1,265.00
All other Gardens  -  $1,155.00
Babyland - Free of Charge
Paw Print Garden Plots

- Small Pet $50.00

- Large Pet $100.00
*For full sized plots that are being used for infants, we charge half of the listed price.


Weekday Burials  -  $1,164.00
Weekend Burials  -  $1,464.00
Weekday Babyland Burials  -  $314.00
Weekend Babyland Burials  -  $414.00

Weekday Cremation Burials  -  $414.00

Weekend Cremation Burials  -  $514.00

Paw Print Garden Burials

- Small Pet $60.00

Large Pet $100.00

*Cremation and Babyland burials do not include a tent and chair set up. 

This can be added for an additional $200.00.


Vantage Liner
This container is made from polypropylene.

Our most affordable option, this liner is does not seal but still adequately 

maintains and upholds the cemetery space.  

-  $695.00 +tax

Vantage Vault
Made from polypropylene, this durable vault seals to prevent water

damage to the casket. It is built to be air tight and non-biodegradable.  

-  $1,300.00 +tax


All markers are custom made to each family's specifications. We offer a number of varieties and designs so that your monument is unique and personal. However, due to the varying nature of designs, market prices, and styles; all prices are quoted at your appointment.  

-  $**** +tax


Purchase 2 spaces & 2 containers together - $250.00 off plot price

Veteran Discount - 10% off plot price

Purchase 6+ spaces together - $100 off each plot

 **Prices effective May 1, 2021
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